Today I spent four hours with leaders in Anglican congregations here in Guadalajara, talking about the foundations of the spiritual tradition of our Anglican (Episcopal) way of being Christian.  I had asked that teams be formed ahead of time to make presentations on different themes, and today’s presentation was nicely done.  These people are hungry.

When you’re hungry you look for what will satisfy.  If you have your soul well in hand, you look for the kind of food you’re hungry for.  Sometimes it’s a hamburger.  Sometimes it’s a home. Sometimes it’s a morsel of bread you can cradle in your hand as you fall asleep as assurance that there will be food tomorrow.  Sometimes it’s for community, or solitude, and a lot of times we don’t know what we’re hungry for until we begin to eat.

These people were hungry for assurance.  They want to know that the path they have chosen (or, rather, was chosen for them,) is not some whimsy they’ve been duped by, a bag of chips when what they hunger for is a hearty plate of enchiladas and home-made tortillas.  As we have laid out the historical roots of what makes up the Anglican spiritual tradition, I have seen lights going on behind their eyes.  Inner voices are saying, “Ah, yes, this gives me feet on the ground. Our particular roots grow from the Gospels, through early great Christians, to the world we live in now.”  It has been good news.

I hunger to see the lights go on behind people’s eyes, and I am being fed more than amply.  It’s a mutual meal.

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  1. jen

    I am reminded of something that Henri Nouwen said about the Gospel being one beggar telling another where to find bread…

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