I’m on my way to Guadalajara, Mexico to teach a week-long class on the foundations of Anglican spirituality. I have a lay-over in San Jose, CA, then a connecting flight to the 5th largest city in Mexico. These moments bring into focus the web of connections that allow us to quickly go to most any metropolitan center around the globe.

I go at the invitation of the Anglican Bishop of Western Mexico, an energetic and visionary leader. We met at his consecration 3 years ago. This is my third visit to his diocese. Friendships create networks that allow our hearts to go pretty much anywhere in the world with just thought.

The airplane has a huge carbon footprint. Friendships are carbon-free for the most part. The two remind me that the web of creation includes and transcends both airlines and friendships, giving us the ground upon which we build both.

We cannot make one network destroy the foundation of another. What can we do so that airlines do not so destroy the world that a world-wide network of friendships is not destroyed?


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2 responses to “Connections

  1. jen

    Say “hiiiiiiiiiii” to the San Jose airport for me.


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