Living Stories

This morning I woke up thinking about the cultures that have formed me. One of those is the Tsachi culture of western Ecuador At that time, the Tsachi cosmology held that there is a level at which pretty much everything is alive.

Out my window this morning I saw two kinds of seafaring vessels. One was a raft of sea ducks, mixed scoters, mergansers and Goldeneyes. The other was the US Turner Joy, a decommissioned US Navy destroyer that is now a floating maritime museum.

Life tells stories. What kind of stories do each of these vessels tell? The second tells stories of a people’s efforts to fend off perceived threats. The first, an ancient and adaptable pursuit of life in a world that is increasingly toxic, due to the actions of the humans who tell stories about the second. I am convinced that the ducks have more to teach us, and should be listened to accordingly.

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  1. stpaullent2017

    Funny story: my grandmother (the one who passed away last year) was a duck whisperer. She was known as “The Duck Lady of Des Moines” (a suburb of Seattle near the airport) because the wild ducks would flock to their yard. One time, there was a pair missing and my grandfather couldn’t find them. My grandmother called to them, and they came waddling over. In a letter to her while he was away from home (my mom thinks he might have been at ground school in Denver learning to fly another type of United Airlines plane or getting a refresher course on something), he told her that he loved that she had command over living things, especially ducks.

    (I miss my grandfather dearly.)


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