Blessed Hindrances

She said, “Look away!” but I couldn’t. I watched as she locked the forceps on the pin, twisted slightly and pulled hard. There was resistance at first, and then the inch-long pin in my thumb slid out. At first there was a little ache inside, but that quickly passed and now my thumb feels free. The metal pin that had stabilized one joint in my thumb after bursting a ligament was free to move. Tomorrow I can bathe that hand for the first time in six weeks. I still have to be careful with it and wear an orthopedic cuff, but I can see the end of the tunnel when my hand will be back to full usefulness.

I have to be grateful for the pins and the stitches that restrict us where we would move, hold us back when we would rush in, close our lips when we would rather talk so that we can hear, and maybe even trip us up when we are going in the wrong direction.

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