Coming of Age

This coming Sunday we’re celebrating a Quinceañera. A young lady of the congregation is turning 15 and we are going to make her princess for a day. It will stand in stark contrast to much of the rest of her life. Her parents don’t have much except for their native culture, and she spans three languages, three cultures and two life settings. She’s not even quite sure who she is, and yet she is “coming of age.”

But then, none of us know quite what is going on when we “come of age.” The moment marks the threshold to a journey about which there is plenty that is still in out of sight, hidden around the corners of the future. We grow into what we are becoming. The threshold opens the door to joy and pain, struggles and triumph, those human things we have experienced all our lives, but on a deeper, more fundamental level than before. Becoming fully human is to walk the journey inward and downward until we touch divine bedrock. Every new level is approached through a threshold, a coming of age.

At the core of it all are two things that are unchanging—the journey and the destination that we cannot fully see.

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