Silence the gunfire in public places. Silence the canon-fire of fiery rhetoric. Silence the brazen conspiracy theories. Silence the language of retaliation. Silence the stupidity of zero-sum games of chicken. Silence them all long enough for a deeper silence to emerge, a silence that hints at a wisdom unknown by the other voices. Silence is only complicit when action is demanded in its stead. Only action that springs from deep silence accomplishes anything worthwhile.

If we are to solve gun violence, we must first silence our own communal crazy shouting, listen deep and long and love wisely and profoundly. Then the troubled soul will not slip by us into the gun store unheeded, and a gun will not be sold by a self-excusing merchandizer, or lent by an equally troubled soul. When he or she is looked at squarely in the eyes and seen for the soul they are instead of left to become isolated and afraid, only then will the colors of flesh become sources of richness instead of fear and the deep truth of each of us be told and heard. This kind of community is available to us only at the cost of our noise.


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