The administration’s “great news for Ohio” seems to be not much more than a bunch of hype, and his reputation as a businessman has been tainted with reports of massive losses a number of years ago. The tension between the White House and Congress, up to near white-heat now, has been characterized on one side as party politics gone ballistic or a constitutional crisis. I just read an article about a young woman in New York who played the social life, giving out $100 tips, until she was exposed as a very talented con artist. Undocumented immigrants are either threatening the American way of life, or humble, hardworking people living the American Dream. Things are what they appear to be in the common mind. If I can convince you of something it is true for you.


The flowering trees of this beautiful area are dropping their blossoms. Green blankets the hills that were white or brown just two months ago. Fields of white snow in the mountains are now rippling lakes. And yet, they are the same trees, the same mountains and the same lakes. What they appear to be is only one face of many that they wear. Underneath them all is a rock-solid something that is the whole of what they are. People are the same. Society is the same. Integrity is living from that rock-solid whole rather than just the face one is wearing at the moment. Integrity is the need to live from deep within rather than on the surface. Integrity looks at the faces of others and holds them in abeyance until more faces appear and the truth can be triangulated behind them.

Then we appear as we are and not as we look.

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