This morning the red and grey pre-dawn clouds hung over the world, bouncing their glow off the rocky shark-fin of Cooke’s Peak. Sailors may say that red in the morning is a warning, but if you live in the desert it’s good news. A front is supposed to drop precious moisture today and again in a week. It’s a change to the predictions that the fall was going to be dry, and a welcome change.

There is a saying where I grew up, “Mejor mal conocido que bien por conocer.” (Better the evil you know than the good you don’t.) Change is uncomfortable, even if the routines we are used to are not all that good—and yet early Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted that the only constant thing in life is change. If there is a totally predictable routine to get used to, it’s the routine of change. That seems like a contradiction, but it’s not really.

Change provides the opportunity for a reevaluation, sitting back and taking stock, and a reassessment of what is important and what is not. It drives us either to superficial bitterness or deep wisdom and compassion. It always does one of those two things. This is the constant in change, a routine we can get used to. The discipline of pushing deep for wisdom and compassion is the stuff of a truly fulfilling human life.

Embrace the change thoughtfully, carefully and openly, and it will always open an amazing door.

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