I was speaking with a psychologist this morning, comparing notes on confidentiality. He, like I, have strict limits on what can and cannot be discussed outside our offices. Some of them are legal, and those were largely the same. We must report intent to harm oneself or others. Beyond that he is governed by the ethics of his trade and me by mine. He hears slightly different things in his office than mine. I have the benefit of practiced and time-proven spiritual resources to deal with the issues I hear about, he has the benefit of science. Each of us receives into our offices people who willingly make themselves vulnerable. Confidentiality keeps our offices safe.

Confidentiality makes people confident to share, to con (with) fide (have faith,) to share vulnerable truths in the surety of good faith. Faith is always shared—good faith or bad faith is held between people, not within them—it is always con, and never solum. Confidentiality vs. solitude, the we vs. the I, community and individuality: confidentiality is the atomic energy that holds the diversity in unity. Without confidentiality there is no we, only the I, no community in which individuality has meaning and context, and no unity in the diversity. Breaking confidence rips at the very fabric of the world.

Where is your confidence? It is a sacred thing.


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