A Great Mystery

There is a great mystery at large in the world, and I am at a loss to explain it. It happens over and over again. We generally call it luck, but it happens to regularly to be chance. It’s when bad things result in good things. I heard about a person who has a homosexual child recently who was going to go take the people at a church to task for their narrow and exclusive stance on homosexuality. Upon arriving at the Church the receptionist received the person and “the spiel” was made. It turned out that the receptionist had just had a son come out. She was distraught and didn’t know what to do, given her church’s stance on such things. What was supposed to be a confrontation became a moment of real unity and fellowship. You walk away from stuff like that and want to say, “Darn!” but can’t.

In my Christian tradition we live out that same mystery in the three days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On Good Friday a good man is submitted to a kangaroo court and condemned to death. The Roman authorities are cornered into making it happen. Even if you don’t believe that Jesus was divine (like I do,) it was a travesty of justice. We Christians hold that on Easter morning death was conquered and Jesus rose again. Eye-witnesses recorded their experiences of the risen Christ. Whether or not you believe in the resurrection, you have to admit that the Christian faith emerged from the disciples’ experience of that first Easter day, whatever it really was. Though much evil has been done in the name of Christ, much good has been done as well (same great mystery at work!) Great spiritual masters have arisen from this tradition, giving the Christian slant on the perennial wisdom of the ages. Millions of people have found a spiritual home and path. All this is the result of a travesty of justice.

Maybe that’s what God does for a living—redeem the bad by bringing good out of it!


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