I’m settling for regular roast this morning. Dark Roast is not available through the sustainable coffee cooperative we buy from. Legal issues along the Mexican border having to do with Mexico’s changing policies have frozen exports of our coffee. Our efforts to help coffee growers in Chiapas, Mexico earn a decent living are on ice. In Africa there is a saying, “When elephants fight the grass gets trampled.” The most cynical part of me wonders if there isn’t some intentionality behind this driven by outfits devoid of humanitarian ideals.

Tomorrow I take off for Honduras for a week. We will heal the sick, comfort the suffering, and strive to make the lives of those (of all kinds) who live in this impoverished area a little bit better. Sometimes I think we’re merely the victims of elephants’ feet, when the tales of woe fill my ears and the same people come with the same ailments year after year. But then I step back and take a balcony look at it. Yes, there are those who just seem stuck, and all our good-hearted efforts don’t blast them free. Yes, there are those tempted to the hand-out mentality around so many (obviously incredibly wealthy) gringos, who try to divide and conquer by pulling our team members aside for quick sob stories. Yes, there are those with chronic illnesses who just will not get any better. But overall, the level of public health is increasing. Overall the welfare of the people is climbing. Overall the level of education is rising. From the balcony there is hope.

I will drink my Arabica regular-roast patiently, praying for Mexico’s government and hoping for the best, and I will pray that those with the balcony view will prevail here, in Mexico and around the world.


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