We are truly favored. We don’t have to fight the traffic and other fireworks viewers for a good spot to watch the city’s display on July 4th. Yes, it’s 3 miles off, and the reports of the offerings come to us well past the bursting balls of color, but we sit out by the side of our house, sip an adult beverage, and talk quietly. It has the potential of another kind of fireworks.

Wikipedia says, “Fireworks were invented in ancient China in the 7th century to scare away evil spirits, a natural application of gunpowder, one of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China.” Scaring away evil spirits sounds like a good idea to me. There are a lot of them darting around our country today, filling hearts with needless fear of one’s neighbor, overwrought anger at those who do things we don’t like, threats of useless violence, and black-and-white we-vs.-them” thinking. Fireworks are in full color.

On the evening of the 4th, when we gather together to watch what we profoundly feel (and really don’t even want to understand,) maybe the fireworks of the genius that has been granted the United States (rather than our stupidity) can undercut all the evil spirits and, starved of negative energy, expunge them from our presence.


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