The Dark Side

We’re about to talk about people.  I was always told you shouldn’t do that, but here I am leading a meeting doing exactly that.  These people have sensed in their inner being a possible call to the ordained life.   It is now the task of the Church to listen to, test and finally, weigh in on that sense.  I remember.  I went through it, too.

Talking about someone behind their backs is a holy thing–or demonic, one of the two.  Which will we be?  Will we seek the truth in love?  Will we honestly express what we sense and know, in a spirit of building up that person and the Church as a whole, and seek to surrender to wisdom and compassion, finding the best way forward for both this person and the church according to the best light we have?  Thanks be to God that this has been my experience so far.  I have heard horror stories about other Standing Committees who were tempted and did not resist…

We’re on the knife-edge all day.

God save us from the dark side.



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2 responses to “The Dark Side

  1. Thank you for being conscious and open. Blessings on your deliberations and prayers.


  2. Thank you, Shirin. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


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