The Passion

Yesterday three regulars came to the Wednesday noon service. Two of them are women who have been best buds all their lives. One is a widow now, and cannot go out of the house without an oxygen machine. The other’s husband has advanced Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t always know where he is or who he is with, but he knows what to do in Church, and it is a comfort to him. All three are in their 80’s.

It came time for communion. The wife led the way out of their pew to the Altar rail. The husband turned and helped his wife’s best friend with her oxygen machine, and then held her arm to steady her to the rail.

Two broken people, one who can’t breathe and one who can’t remember, helping one another to the source of Life—is this not the Passion? If Christ’s death and resurrection doesn’t mean that our self-giving, though broken, can somehow become life-giving then I’m not a Christian.


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