Reverse Prayer

I read a meditation yesterday by Quinn Caldwell about alfombras.  These are carpets wrought in flower petals or colored sawdust during Holy Week by faithful in Latin America outside of churches.  They are meant to cushion Jesus’ bruised feet on his way to Calvary as an act of kindness.

He writes, “You might not have a roomful of free flowers to work with, but I bet if you look around today, you can find something to do that might make Jesus’ journey this week easier.   Make a piece of art for him. Feed a hungry person for him. Walk a mile barefoot in solidarity with him. Pray with a broken heart for him. Sing the most beautiful song you know to encourage him.   Let him—and all who walk hard roads—know he’s not alone.”

He ends with a simple prayer:  “Oh my dear precious Jesus, I am with you!”

How quickly we ask God to be with us.  How rarely do we pray the reverse!  Sometimes I think we still do not yet really understand the meaning of Holy Week.


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