A Stand

President Trump condemned the chemical warfare attack in Syria, bemoaning the deaths of innocent children and babies. I was glad to hear his words because I feel the same way. This was an outrage, a calculated attack for political reasons hiding under a thin disguise of religion that did not seek to shield its effects in any way from the innocent. It’s an expression of extremism that is a demonic force in the world today. I’m glad my President took a stand.

I wish he would say the same thing about fast-tracking deportation orders for women and children back to areas torn by gang violence in Central America, especially in view of the role the United States played in bringing about the situation so many of these countries face.

Oh, wait, how could I be so insensitive. Political embarrassment carries an unbearably high price.


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  1. Mary Harrell

    Taking a stand by sending in warheads is a power play. I hear only 6 were killed . Who are we protecting. If in fact the President of Syria is evil and he certainly seems to be , it is likely there will be more of Gods innocents killed at his hand in retaliation of our bombings. But wait- we are not calling this war.? I call it war. When will God Act ? It is not just Syria and Us it is the entire planet that is at war with itself.


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