Today we bid final goodbye to an honorable lady. The wife of a rare breed of man, whose grandmother lived in a dugout in Oklahoma shortly after the rush, one of those honest, upright and honorable politicians who always worked in local government because, as he told me, that’s where you can do the most good, this lady supported him in his multitude of jobs, commissions and committees, their frequent moves, and as the mother of his three children. She was always conscious of her appearance, a proud and dignified lady. Her husband told me that for a time she did some modeling of high-end dresses, and at the end of the shows he would buy them for her! She always looked and acted the part, the gentle, gracious southern belle from Texas, and she never forgot her roots.

The two met while she was barely into high school. He gently waited for her, and she for him for five years while she finished her studies and he studied law. When they married he was 25 and she was 19. That was 70 years ago this coming June. Several years ago Alzheimer’s began to erode her formidable brain. He made her a promise that he would never put her in a place where she would be embarrassed. For three years she was virtually housebound, and he with her. Whenever I came by for a visit she was always gracious and courteous, and though I know that sometimes she wasn’t real sure who I was she never let on. She was of as rare a breed as he is.

Thanks be to God that I got to know her. We need more human beings of rare breed.


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