Do Unto Others

I sold some stocks. Energy Transfer Partners is the firm that is pushing an oil pipeline through lands sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota. I realized that my wife and I owned a tiny fraction of that firm. If a group of Apache somehow discovered that they could bulldoze my church to put up a casino I would strongly oppose it. I will not own stock in a company that is doing the same kind of thing. At the same time, if my church were threatened in this way, I would not support violent demonstrations against it, either.

I could argue it on the level of dollars over the divine and that’s a valid argument, but in today’s world this kind of bullying, one way or the other, is not conducive to world peace. The Gospel of Matthew puts the Golden Rule in the mouth of Jesus, who adds at the end, “for this is the law and the prophets.” In other words, to follow the Golden Rule is to obey all 613 laws of Torah. The wisdom of the Golden Rule is clearly rooted in Christian and Jewish tradition—and Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jainist, … you get my drift. It is part of that essential human wisdom that comes to us through divine inspiration that brings our inner and outer living into harmony, both individually and collectively.

The Navajo call it “hózhó”, harmony, the beauty of living in balance with the universe. Why, oh why does this have to become a showdown where in the end everyone loses? When, oh when can negotiators sit down with the warring parties and find golden hózhó?


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